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About Tamil Nadu

, Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu is a state in southern India. Chennai is its capital city and the language spoken is Tamil. It is the seventh most populated state in the country and eleventh in terms of area. Tamil Nadu has been inhabited by the Tamil people since almost 500 BC and the Tamil language has been found in scriptures and literature works since the last 2000 years.

The state is a major contributor to the country’s GDP and is one of the most urbanized states. Tamil Nadu has numerous sites of historic relevance and eight of them which are listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The state’s existence can be traced back to the prehistoric times. The Archeological Survey of India excavated many human skulls, bones and skeletons in a place called Adichanallur; the remains are said to be around 3800 years old.

Why Visit Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu has the second largest tourism industry in India. It is dotted with temples of historical relevance and boasts of some of the best architectural works in Dravidian and Hindu history.

The famous temples in the state are the Brihadishwara, Airavateshwara, Tirttani, Karur, and Tiruvar temples. Tamil Nadu is home to many wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves and the state is a delight for eco tourists.

Kanyakumari is the southernmost tip of the country and is well known for its sunrise. The state is home to the Marina Beach and also has many waterfalls dotted across its reach.

Explore the Culture of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has a rich and opulent history of music, dance and literature. Bharatanatyam is one of the most popular dances in India. Tamil was the first language to be given the status of a classical language in India. Some of the noted Tamil poetry includes Tirukkural, written by Tiruvalluvar, which is considered to be an exquisite work of literature. Indra Parthasarathy, Vairamuthu and Jayakanthan are some of the creative writers in Tamil history.

The Tamil population is predominantly Hindu. The state possesses many works of Hindu literature and important texts include the Advaita Vedanta, Ramanuja’s Vishistadvaita and Nayanmar’s Shaivism. Some of the important Hindu figures in the state include Kanchi Paramacharya, Murugan, Sakthi, Sivan and Ramana Maharishi. Muslims and Christians constitute nearly 11% of the state’s population.

Pongal is a four day harvest festival celebrated in a large scale in Tamil Nadu. Chittirai is the first month in the Tamil calendar. Aadi Perukku celebrates the increase in the water level of the Cauvery River. Other major festivals include Ayudha Puja, Narakachaturdashi, Krishna Jayanthi and Saraswati Pooja. Christmas, Bakrid and Easter are also celebrated with much fervor.

Carnatic Music is the traditional music played here and the songs are mostly devotional. It is recognized as a very unique form of music, and is part of the state’s heritage. The Tamil cuisine generally comprises of dishes made by rice. Some of the popular dishes are Idly, Dosai, Appalam, Puttu, Paniyaram, Utthapam and Idiyappam. Sambar, podi and chutney are generally accompanied in every meal.

Facts for Tourists

The climate is generally hot and humid throughout the year, so winter is a good time to visit the place. Cotton clothes are preferable and hats can help you beat the heat. Women are not expected to wear revealing clothes during their visits to temples and consumption of narcotic substances is prohibited.




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