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About Lakshadweep

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Lakshadweep is an Indian Union Territory located off the southwestern coast of Kerala. It is a collection islands on the Laccadive Sea. The total area covered by Lakshadweep is 32 sq. kilometers. Ten islands are inhabited in the Lakshadweep and the rest remain uninhabited. It has five submerged reefs and four new belts.

It is a common notion that the early inhabitants of these islands were brought by the Malayali king Cheraman Perumal after his ship was wrecked by a storm in the Arabian Sea. The major attractions in Lakshadweep are the captivating marine life, tourist resorts, the villages and the mosques on the Islands. Tourism is the main income generating sector in the Union Territory. The tourism potential of the islands was unleashed in a humble Island called Bangaram.

The major economy grossing sectors in The Lakshadweep Islands are the manufacturing of fiber products and the coconut fiber extraction.

Why Visit Lakshadweep?

Lakshadweep is an ideal destination for those who enjoy vacations in quiet beaches with scenic views. Kalpeni is one of the major tourist attractions in the Lakshadweep Islands. The place has a massive bank of coral wreckage lying on its southeastern shores. This place is a delight for adventure enthusiasts as a huge number of tourists visit the place for kayaking, pedal and speed boating and snorkeling.

Kadmat Island is a popular tourist destination which features an enormous lagoon on the western coast of the island. Kavaratti Island is known as the most progressive Island in the whole of Lakshadweep. The island is full of mosques and the Ujra mosque stands out amongst all.

Bangaram Island is thronged by tourists across the globe because of its extensive palm groves and smooth sands. The tourism sector in Lakshadweep was started as an experiment in this very Island. Agatti Island is located at a distance of 459 kilometers from the city of Cochin and serves as the gateway for the Lakshadweep Islands.

Adventure sports enthusiasts can have a blast here; as the islands offer activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming sailing, boat rides, kayaking and water skiing.

Exploring the Culture of Lakshadweep

The major languages spoken in Lakshadweep are Jeseri, Mahl and Malayalam. A major chunk of the population in the northern islands speaks the Malayalam language with a blend of some Arabic and Tamil languages too. The residents of the Minicoy Island speak the Mahl language which is a variant of the Divehi language.

The Islanders at Lakshadweep have an ethnicity similar to that of the coastal Malayali people. Minicoy is the second largest Island located in the southern region of Lakshadweep; the people belong to the Dhivehis ethnicity and are native to the people of Maldives. The Dhivehis are further broken down into subgroups known as the Mahls.

A large population of the Islands are Muslims belonging to the Sunni sect. The locals in the Lakshadweep Islands call themselves Aminidivi. There are 84.33% of Malayalis in the Islands and 15.67% Dhivehis.

Facts for Tourists

The best time to visit Lakshadweep is between December and May, as the climate is drier and cooler. You’ll require a special permit to visit the Lakshadweep; foreigners can only visit the Kadmath, Bangaram and Agatti Islands.




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