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Ladakh Weather
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Ladakh Weather

On this page: Best Season, Month by Month
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Best Season:

Jun - Sep

Summer 5 to 40°C, Winter -14 to 24°C

Best Season / Best time to visit Ladakh

The weather of Ladakh remains cold and chilly for most part of the year and the best time to visit is from June to September.
  • Winter (October to May) are very cold frost bites and snowfall are common occurrence, making it a very inhospitable climate for visiting the place. During this season, the mercury level comes down to very well below 0°C and the whole area is covered with snow.
  • Summer (June to September) is the best time to visit as it is the only season when the passes are open. The temperature is cool and can go up to 33°C. Summers are the ideal time to go to Leh as the skies are clear and offers panoramic views of the mountains. The average day temperature ranges from 20° to 30°C.
  • Monsoon is not confined to any particular season as sporadic rainfall may occur at any time.

Ladakh is open for tourists only during the months from June to September as during the rest of year, the passes remains covered with snow and travelling is not possible. Visit for more details and current road status.

Month-wise Ladakh Weather

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Oct Nov Dec
April is not the best month to visit Ladakh.
Weather: Very Cold
The temperature starts to soar, increasing the temperature but is still very cold. Plenty of blue skies with cool winds keep the days cold, but night can get very cold. Extra care is required if travelling with kids or old people. The ground remains covered in snow.
Month Climate Details
Freezing Cold with Snowfall
The weather during this month is very cold and snowfall is common. Temperature can dip below freezing point and frost bites may occur. Not the best time for tourism as the passage to reach the region remain covered in snow.
Freezing Cold
The weather is very cold making it not the best time for visiting the place. The temperatures can go below sub zero levels and snowfall can cause disruption in travelling.
Very Cold
The temperature starts to rise but is still very cold for indulging in any activity. The sky is clear, but the sun is much harsher and can cause severe sun burns. Mightn't be the most ideal time for tourism. Snowfall is a common occurrence.
Very Cold
The temperature starts to soar, increasing the temperature but is still very cold. Plenty of blue skies with cool winds keep the days cold, but night can get very cold. Extra care is required if travelling with kids or old people. The ground remains covered in snow.
Moderately Cold
The climate is cold during the days and get very chilly in the nights. Special care is required for children and the aged. Summer will arrive at the end of this month and the natural beauty will be at its maximum. There will be no snowfall, but snow can be found on the ground.
Moderately Cold
The temperature continues to get warmer and pleasant, making this month a very good time for tourism. Though the region is devoid of long duration heavy rainfall, light showers can be expected. This is the month when the Manali-Leh Highway and the Srinagar-Leh Highway become motorable and tourists come in large number. This is the start of the official tourist season. Snow can be found only on high altitudes.
The area is devoid of heavy rainfall but occasional shower, when occur are more of an inconvenience but not a major annoyance. The natural vista is in full bloom and this is one of the best months for holidaying. This is also the warmest month of the year but special care is required for kids and old people. For snow tourists need to go to high altitude.
Moderately Cold
The temperature remains within the comfortable temperature range and is good time for holidays. Tourists interested in enjoying snow need to travel to high altitudes. Days are cool with plenty of sun, but nights can get colder. Good time for enjoying various mountain sports and other adventures as rainfall completely seizes by the end of this month.
Moderately Cold
This is the last month of the official tourist season as at some point in the end of the month, winters will start. The weather starts to get colder during the night but days are still cool and pleasant. The skies are mostly clear with plenty of sunshine and rainfall is rare. For snow tourists should go to higher altitudes.
Very Cold
Winters stars to make itself felt during this month and mercury levels start to dip. The days starts to gets very cold and the temperature dips to sub zero level at nights. This month might not be the best time for tourism. Also the Manali-Leh highway closes from this month due to snowfall.
Very Cold
Winter is here and the days starts to get very cold. The mercury continues to dip and can reach the sub zero levels, making it difficult for travelling. Not the most ideal time for sightseeing or any adventure activities. Snowfall is common and roads are blocked by the snow.
Freezing Cold with Snowfall
One among the coldest months of the year in Ladakh, this time is might not be suitable for tourism. Occasional snowfall occurs, making ti difficult for travelling in this region. Due to the snow, the area remains cut off from the rest of the country.
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give me the weather forcast for 3rd june to 10th june of lehladakh.
Posted by ketanmodi 2 year, 10 months ago
Thanks for sharing .......
Ladakh is a hill station,Its unfathomable beauty, almost musical silence of nature.
We visited last week for that we booked our Bus Ticket through u can also book the return tickets with ticketgoose and they can cancel the tickets online.

Thank you...
Posted by nithi 3 year ago
i will come may 2013..
Posted by bhawish 3 year, 2 months ago
good i have an idea about Leh /Ladakh i will go there on mid August 2012
Posted by MITRA 3 year, 9 months ago
Bullet journey from Delhi to ladak. Join Us on 01.06.2012
Posted by PRIYESH 3 year, 9 months ago
Hi i m from mumbai- i m going for a maraige ceremoney in jaipur--n after that i m plannig 2 go leh-ladhak--but my friends r not ready to come all the way till ladhak so is there anyone who cud give me a company--my travel date is 2nd december frm jaipur-
Posted by Latikesh 5 year, 5 months ago
i want to give u company.. but i read ur msg six month after u posting it
Posted by naveen 3 year, 10 months ago
I want to go to Ladakh. Please suggest idel seasion to visit the please
Posted by L. GURUPRASAD 5 year, 3 months ago
best season for leh is between june to sept,
Posted by Kunnal 5 year, 3 months ago
Planning to go in the month of May. Please suggest if this is the right time to go with a family?
Posted by Pranjan Nair 5 year, 3 months ago

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