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What is Gap Year

Gap is similar to a sabbatical and refers to a break which students take to do any activity, mostly travel, after taking a break from school. Gap year is very common and popular practice in countries like USA and UK. This sabbatical might not necessarily be for 12 months and is usually taken after the completion of secondary school. In recent times, there has been a significant rise in the number of students taking gap year to take a trip abroad. One of the most enigmatic countries where they should head to is India.

Activities During Gap Year in India

The cultural pot called India mesmerizes tourists, especially students, to come here during their gap year and besides visiting the various world famous monuments, temples and heritage sites, they can also volunteer to be part of social work. Following are a few options which can make your gap year an educational as well as fun filled experience.

1. Tour Packages – Getting a travel package is the best way to explore the country which offers versatile attractions to its tourists. Students can enjoy these trips not just as leisure but can also volunteer in order to have a learning experience of the Indian travel industry. You can take up adventure tourism as well and learn more about the basic adventure skills and enjoy various kinds of sports in India.

2. Internship – In India, students have the option of having an internship in their field of education or even in the fields they are not acquainted with. Music, medical internship, hotel management, journalism and publishing are a few specializations that can be done in various institutes and colleges across India.

3. Wildlife Conservation Projects – This is one of the most popular activity students can enjoy during their gap year, as this not only gives them a chance to do spread awareness but also give allow them to stay close and enjoy the untamed yet charming wildlife of India.

4. Volunteer Teaching – One of the noblest activities that students indulge during their gap year is to teach the poor and destitute in various cities of India. There are many orphanages as well as slums in India, where small children are in need of motivation and enthusiasm for learning. Teaching autistic and disabled children is also a challenge that many students like to take up during their gap year.

Money Matters

India is a fast developing nation in the world but in terms of money, it is very affordable and economical. Travelling to and in India is very cheap and thousands of student come here from different parts of the world to do their internship. Students should prepare to shell out starting from $800 to $3,000 for internships in field like tourism, hotel management and medicine.

Various programs like Mystical journeys and monumental tours which take the students across the various religious and heritage sites in India, in order to help them understand the Indian culture in a better light, are also one of the best ways to enjoy your gap year in India.




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