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Travel Precautions & Safety Tips

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Safety and precautions are some of the main concerns for tourists travelling from abroad. Terrorism is one the biggest threat India is facing at the moment. Recent attacks have targeted public places including the ones visited by the tourists. The areas like Jammu Kashmir and North-East are the worst hit and tourists should plan their travel, keeping in the mind the present scenario.

General Tips

Among the Indian travel tips, the most important is that tourists should adhere to the laws and customs of the country. It’s important that you should not loiter around the various monuments and maintain safe distance from strangers. While travelling make sure to keep your contacts at home and inform them about your whereabouts. Make sure you carry photo copies of all travel related document while travelling. Beware of unsolicited person to your room and should keep all your money or any valuable items in the safe deposit of the hotel.

Local Travel Tips

While on the road, keep your wallet inside your jacket. Beware of the taxi drivers and avoid travelling though the narrow alleys and poorly lit roads, especially during the night. It is important that you take travel insurance before coming to India and carry a local guide of the city you are travelling. ATM’s are available even in the small towns and converting money is not a problem these days. Tourists should be

A crucial Indian travel advice is to carry your own water bottles as water is a hygiene concern in India. An important travel precaution in India is to strictly not take any food from strangers. Clothing is another aspect tourists need to keep in mind before coming to India. If you are planning to visit small cities or towns, then dressing modestly is a must and revealing clothes should be best avoided. Short sleeved tops and long bottoms are permissible and it is advisable to avoid wearing shorts or very tight fitting clothes. If possible try to dress in Indian attire – traditional kurtas for men and sarees or salwar kameez for women.

If you follow the above mentioned travel safety tips and precautions then your journey to India is sure to be a great expedition, you will cherish all your life.




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