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If you are the one who like to travel on the roads less travelled, if secluded hamlets appeal to you and you want to experience the real India, then rural tourism in India is the best option for you. The scope of rural tourism in India is boundless, as this is where the real India lives. With the dusty paths, green fields, rugged tree thickets, herds of cattle and smoke from kilns, in India, there is so much uniqueness to see and feel. Of late, the Indian government is taking great measure to promote village tourism so that tourists can be a part of austere pleasures; self-abnegation and the simple and mediocre life lived by the natives.

Popular Rural Circuits

The most popular areas under village tourism in India are that of Rajasthan. These small villages are known for their charming heritage attractions as well as the traditional arts that are still practiced in the villages. Barmer, Bundi and Nathdawara are the few famous hamlets. In the western region of India, Hodka in Gujarat and the Kutch region can also be visited. Himachal Pradesh too has many heritage villages like Naggar and Raison, where tourists can enjoy the untamed and flattering beauty of nature.

The Eastern part of India is blessed with some of the most exotic villages which are known for their unique culture and arts & crafts. Saulkuchi, Durgapur in Assam, Lachen in Sikkim, Neepura in Bihar, Pranpur and Chougan in Madhya Pradesh, Mukutmanipur and Ballavpur Danga in West Bengal are a few popular rural villages in East. Banavasi, Anegundi in Karnataka, Kumbalanghi, Annakara, Aranmula in Kerala, Pochampally in Andhra Pradesh and Thadiyankudissai, Karaikudi, Kazhugumalai and Kurangini in Tamil Nadu are a few rural circuits in South India that are being vigorously promoted by the government of India.

Enjoy a rural tour of India to see the villages of India, which still portray the modest form of civilization. Spend an evening in the villages when all the houses are illuminated by the twinkling flames of the kerosene lamps and blinking fire flies lit up the sky.




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