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Health Tips & Vaccination

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Health is one of the major concerns that tourists have before coming to India and tourists should keep themselves abreast with the travel health tips. It is important that tourists should know about the most common diseases and ailments that can affect them on their travel. Before coming to India, it is important to get yourself thoroughly checked atleast 3-4 weeks before your travel date for the vaccines to take effect.

Some of the disease for which vaccination is a must includes –
Hepatitis A and B - Recommended to all travelers, especially those who are planning to stay for more than 6 months.
Typhoid and Diarrhea – Recommended to all travelers.
Malaria - Prophylaxis with Mefloquine (Lariam), Atovaquone/Proguanil (Malarone) or Doxycycline is recommended throughout India (including Delhi and Bombay). Tourists are also advised to carry self medication to counter minor probems like fever and cold.
Polio – One time booster recommended for all tourists travelling planning to stay in India for more than a month. These vaccines should be specifically taken by those planning to visit rural areas and stay outdoors after dusk.
Tetanus and Diptheria - Revaccination is recommended every 10 years.

Rabies Vaccination is highly recommended for tourists spending a lot of time outdoors or the one ones who might be in direct contact with bats. Tourists should also take care that they are updated with all the routine vaccinations like influenza and chickenpox (or varicella) as well.

Although Yellow Fever is not a disease risk in India, but tourists coming from certain countries are required to show a proof of yellow fever vaccination. Altitude Sickness and acclimatization are also prime concerns for tourists travelling to hill stations and typically the mountain regions of North India. Though good medical help is available in most of the cities and towns, it is advisable that the tourists should be self equipped with medicines for minor treatments like cold and cough and adhere to the travel health tips.




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