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Indian Food is reminiscent of the cultural banquet, expressed through the various colours, smells and flavours. Similar to many facets of India, its food too is distinct and elusive, thanks to the many regional influxes and individual preparation techniques.

Street Food

Begin the Indian cuisine trail from the North, where the Indian street food rules. Be it anytime of the day, vendors can be found boiling, frying, roasting of mixing some kind of lip smacking chats and quick snacks. Street food is the best means to explore to try local influxes that creates marvelous impact on various cuisines of the region. Indian roads are filled with roadside dhabas, stalls and carts that serve these yummy delights.Hygiene is the only facet that might trigger some concern before enjoying the Indian street food; however, one should not miss taking a chance.

The Culinary Trail

Indian food is eloquent with various aromatic spices and rich gravies that are deliciously rewarding. Each region of the country has unique and spectacular gourmet offerings however, a few trends like eating sweet after the food are a common practice all over the country. In North India, especially in Lucknow, people have been following the traditional practice of consuming betel leaves after food, for better digestion. In Indian homes, tourists are considered to be an avatar of God and are treated with best of food and hospitality. A few recommendations are Mughlai food in North India, Wada Pav and Pav Bhaji in Maharashtra, sweets of Bengal, Mutton Biryani in Hyderabad, Idli, Masala Dosa and Sambhar in South India.

India boasts of oodles of uber restaurants and dining options and their signage often categorizing them as ‘veg’ or non veg’. Most of the restaurants in India are multi cuisine and are known for serving a wide range of delicacies from fiery meat curries of the North to the fragrant and mild items of South India, from the ubiquitous fish and rice of Bengal to the rich and spicy cuisine of the Western India.

Tourists should come and enjoy the most astounding Indian food which are extremely diverse and surprisingly similar at the same time.




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