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, Karnataka

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Fast Facts
State: Karnataka
District: Bellary
Famous for/as: Heritage
Languages: Kannada
Best Season: Sept - Feb
Weather: Summer 20 to 40°C, Winter 12 to 34°C
Altitude: 467 m
Pincode: 583xxx
STD code: 08394
Hampi, the city of ruins and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the major historical places of South India. Once upon a time, it was the royal capital of the dominant Vijayanagara Empire. It is presently a ruined town with full of ancient palaces and forts.

Hampi was constructed by Harihara and Ukka in 1336 AD and was noted for wonderful palaces, holy temples, gigantic forts, markets, big pavilions, and stables of royal elephants. It is a hub of many monuments, nearly 500 in number and each of which has a story to tell. It's a case of a wonderful past history, reaching the pinnacle of splendor and then faltering to a decline of non-maintenance and utter neglect. It is, however, a thriving paradise for tourists. The area of Hampi is surrounded by the passionate river Tungabhadra in north and other three sides by rough rocky granite stones.

There is a miraculous worth to the ruins of Hampi even after 650 years after the empire of Krishna - Devaraya has been forgotten into history. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has been making hard work to refurbish the structures in Hampi. Hampi is an abode of architecture and culture with lot of ancient temples and monuments.

Hampi is a sanctified place for the Hindus as it is Pampakshethra - home of Pampa, the daughter of Lord Brahma and wedded to Shiva.

During ancient times, Hampi had been a thriving commercial center, with the trade of horses and gems. Wonderfully, it is said that diamonds were sold on the streets! At present, Hampi's economy is largely dependend on agricultural and mining. The area is highly rich in manganese and iron ores. With the status of a World Heritage site, tourism is another major factor of economy in Hampi.

Hampi has a number of festivals throughout the year - both cultural and religious. The most celebrated festival is the Vijaya Utsav, known as Hampi Festival, held for three days during November. This is a cultural carnival attracting many tourists, showcasing special puppetry shows, music and dance followed by fireworks and a procession culminating the end of the festival.
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A Cultural Splash at Hampi Utsav

  by Madhav Srinivasan  on Dec 07, 2011
Hampi Utsava is popularly known as the Vijaya Utsava, and it has been celebrated since the time of Krishna Deva Raya. The festival is a mega cultural extravaganza showcasing the dance and music of Karnataka. The festival is scheduled for 3 days each year.

The Ruins of Hampi

  by Madhav Srinivasan  on Sep 16, 2011
Hampi is a World Heritage Site, a city of ruins that contains monuments that are breathtaking even when they’re past their prime. The site where the original capital of the Vijayanagara Empire was housed – here’s more about this historical city.

Best places to go backpacking in India

  by Shwetha  on Sep 20, 2010
Backpacking in India gives the traveler a chance to discover the local cuisine, know the locals and their way of life, which is perhaps the ideal way to discover all that a place has to offer!


The heritage town of Hampi depicts various historical evidences that go back to the pre historic times. According to legends, the chieftain Harihara and Bukkaraya (also known as Hakka and Bukka noticed a strange happening during their hunting expedition. When they repeated their experience to their master, Vidyaranya, he advised them to make the place their capital.

Hampi, falls in the Viajayanagar area, which is known to have been ruled by four dynasties, namely – Sangama Dynasty, Saluva Dynasty, Tuluva Dynasty and Aravidu Dynasty. The town of Hampi came into existence in 1336, and then it was an important centre for trade, religion and art. Some of the famous travellers to have visited Hampi are - Pietro della Valle of Italy and Domingo Paes of Portugal.

The empirical history of Hampi reiterates it to be a famous ground of the Vijayanagar Empire that ruled here from 1336 to 1565. The city was then annexed by the rulers of the Deccan Muslim confederacy. They completely destroyed and turned the city into ruins in just 6 months.

Hampi also boasts of mythological history that revolves the Ramayana. It is believed that various episodes of Ram‘s life were spent in the town of Hampi that was then known as ‘Pampa Kshetra’.

Hampi got the status of being a ‘world heritage site’ in the year 1986 and since then, many efforts are being taken to restore the lost glory of this city.

Travel within city

Travelling around Hampi can be fun, as the region is steeped in history and travelling around the place can be quite interesting. You can move around Hampi through bikes, motorcycles, cars or even boats. These are the various types of internal travel options present in the ancient capital of Hampi. There are no night fares for any mode of transport.


Renting a car can be more costly and can cost you around Rs 800-1000. You can travel to the guesthouses that are located across the river through boats for prices ranging around Rs 10 to 15.

Auto Rickshaw

You can also opt for rickshaws, in case you want to beat the heat. Rickshaw rates are fixed and slightly negotiable, so make sure that you get the best out of the bargain. The charges are normally around Rs 400-500 per day. You can also hire a guide to accompany you long the trip and this may cost you extra.

Rented Bicycle

You can rent a bicycle in Hampi in order to travel up and down the hill.

Rented Motorcycle

You can also rent out a motorcycle while on a trip in Hampi as this mode of travel can give you more freedom. You can rent out 100cc and 150cc vehicles for charges of around Rs 200 to 250 per day. This may be slightly more expensive, but you can ride through the expanse of Hampi and take in the sheer magic of the place.


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Awesome photos
A quick glance to a beautiful historical place.
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