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Fast Facts
State: Goa
Famous for/as: Beaches
Languages: English, Konkani, Hindi
Best Season: Oct - June
Weather: Summer 23 to 40°C, Winter 15 to 33°C
Altitude: 0 m
Pincode: 403xxx
STD code: 0832
Ever imagined a vacation where the relentless splashing of waves never ceases, the clean talcum sand under the feet stretches forever, the variety of food served never fails to amuse and the party around you just never gets over?

Book packages for Goa and welcome to Goa, a small state in India which exhibits every bit of influence left by the Portuguese during the 500 year rule. However, Goa is better known and recognized for its vast stretches of beautiful sandy beaches, clear blue waters, verdant green mountain ranges and its idyllic lifestyle which embraces any newcomer into its fold.

Goa is bound by the state of Maharashtra towards North, Karnataka towards the East & South and the Arabian Sea on the Western front. Though Vasco-da Gama is the largest city in Goa, Panjim is the capital city which witnesses an influx of millions of tourists from across the globe.

Goa is also famous for its wide range of religious places which form an integral part of its historic & religious tourist spots. Many of the places of worships are known for its exquisite architecture. The Basilica of Bom Jesus in old Goa is one such monument which attracts thousands of people from all faiths and makes it one of the most revered and visited Christian pilgrimage sites in Asia.

The long stretches of silver sand which are the crowning glory of Goa have been artfully utilised by the Goans to lure tourists for lots of fun & frolic. The beaches are well maintained and regularly cleaned for an attractive appearance. In fact some of the beaches in Goa are so clean and free of vendors that it is difficult to believe that they exist at a place which is considered one of the best hot spots of the world for pleasure seekers.


The word Honeymoon has been carrying the burden of scores of expectation since centuries by encasing numerous feelings and sense of anticipation which only the honeymooners can feel. It is not only about togetherness but the environment & ambiance they soak in.

With an ever celebrating atmosphere the Goa holiday packages goes the extra mile to specially cater for honeymooners with special arrangements for one of the best phases of their lives. The heady Goan air for an evening of fun and frolic along the sea coast and the mouth watering Goan cuisines and cocktails for that close moment of togetherness. Variety of places, both religious as well as historic ensure that the couple enjoy the city and know each other better against the amazing Goan backdrop.
To visit and experience Goa hassle-free, view package tours in goa.

Gos is India's party capital, so gear up and hit the party scene which goes on till the wee hours of the morning. Be careful in the place you choose, as there are several rag parties which are busted by the police from time to time.
Language is not a problem here as locals speak at least 4 languages, ofcourse English being one of them.




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Goa Carnival

  by Madhav Srinivasan  on Jan 30, 2012
The Goa Carnival is a 3-day non-stop festival of song, dance, music and color. The soothing climate of Goa, fun and excitement makes it the much awaited events of the place and is a source of great entertainment for people of all ages.

Welcome the New Year at Goa

  by Madhav Srinivasan  on Dec 06, 2011
Goa, in its seaside charm and inherent party spirit is the ideal getaway for a festival as frolicking as the New Year. Tourists from all over the world come to Goa for this occasion.

Rave Parties and Sun Burn Festival Goa 2011

  by Madhav Srinivasan  on Nov 29, 2011
The Sunburn Festival is a spectacular entertainment show held each year that attracts even more tourists to the ever popular destination of Goa. The 3-day festival sets the tone for the celebrations that break out all over the city to ring in the New Year


Goa traces its origin right upto the epic of Mahabharata, where the land of Goa has been repeatedly referred as Goparashtra (country of cowherds). The formation of Goa has another amazing legend attached to it wherein it is believed that Lord Parshuram (Sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu) shot seven different arrows in various directions marking the limits of the oceans (Neptune). The sea withdrew from the places wherever the arrows fell. A village called Banauli / Banaulim (arrow village) is often referred to as the place where the arrow struck and surprisingly even the Indologist and geologists marvel at the presence of burned sea shells and marine fossils which date back to 10,000 BC.

Later Goa saw glorious years under the Kadamba dynasty however; the fortunes of Goa continued to fluctuate until the Portuguese snatched the land from Adil Shah of Bijapur in 1510 AD. The Portuguese admiral Alfonse de Albuquerque realized the dream of Vasco da Gama of establishing a permanent base / colony in India. The Portuguese constructed many fortresses, churches, monuments and buildings in Goa and have left an indelible mark on the culture of Goa. The Portuguese rule continued even after independence of India as the Portuguese refused to hand over the state. The same was however, forcefully snatched from the Portuguese Garrison after a successful liberation action by the freedom fighters, Indian Navy and Indian Army. Goa was liberated and is now one of the states of independent India.
Visiting the several churches here of which Bom Jesus Basilica is one of the most visited gives yo a glimpse into the history, architecture and influences in the city.


The Goans generally communicate in English, Konkani and Marathi. With a healthy mix of many religions, the lifestyle and culinary habits of the Goans are a mixed blend arising out of these cultures. Thus the popular celebrations start with the Hindu Diwali encompass the entire spectrum of Christmas, Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi, New Year's Day, Sigma and Carnival.

The Portuguese rule has left a strong influence on the Goan culture and it is visible in every walk of life. The clothing, accent, music, dance and celebrations have an unmistakable tinge of Portuguese culture. While English songs are popular, traditional Konkani and Marathi folk songs along with the Bollywood Hindi numbers have a sizable following too. Manddo is regarded as the traditional Goan music while the younger generation dances to the tunes of trance music. However, it can be safely said that the Goans prefer pop, soft rock as well as melodious ballads to hard rock or hip-hop. The traditional Goan dances viz. Dekhnni, Corridinho and Fugdi are displayed during festivities and are very popular amongst the tourists due to the innovative steps and the novelty of dance form.

The Goan dietary preferences are heavily influenced due to the presence of the great ocean nearby. Rice and fish curry is the most common meal in Goa. The variety of available fishes makes it the most important dish of the Goans and it is possible to find seafood in every cuisine. Coconut and it's by products are also widely used. Pork, vegetable stew, a rich egg-based sweet Bebinca is preferred during Christmas while Kaju Feni tops the alcoholic's list.

Travel within city

There are many ways that a traveler can get around Goa. Some of the main modes of transportation within Goa are hired bikes, buses, auto rickshaws, taxis and jeeps. The roads are well developed and the public transportation system in the place is also reasonably good.

Hired Motor Bikes

Hired motor bikes are the preferred mode of transport for those who are visiting the place. They are available near most of the beaches in Goa. They cost around Rs 400 per day, excluding petrol expenses. Motor bikes are the best way to get around as they are easy to ride and can access the smaller village roads as well. Helmets are compulsory and you will have to make sure that the person who is renting the motorbike provides them. A fine of Rs 100 is the norm for riding without helmet, especially in South Goa.


Government buses are available all around the place and tickets are inexpensive. There are designated bus stops that are located in and around the various towns. Tickets cost around Rs 10 to 15 for a ride of around 30 km. Opting for these buses is also a good way to see the country side.


Taxis are available in most parts and can be hired through the hotels and resorts. A/C taxis are available as well and opting for these is advisable during the summer months. Taxis cost between Rs 7 and 12 per km depending on the type of vehicle. SUVs are also available and these are a good option if you are travelling in groups.

Private Cars

There are a few rental companies and others who provide cars for hire. These are a good option if you are not comfortable with riding bikes. The cars here are generally in good condition and sedans can accommodate around 5-6 people. They cost around Rs 1000 per day excluding petrol charges.


Jeeps and gypsies are available in many places around the town. Some of the jeeps do not have a roof, and these jeeps are great to drive in the countryside, especially during the winter months. It might not be advisable to hire open jeeps during the heat of the summer. Jeeps are also a good option for travelling through the ghat roads, which have many twists and turns. Jeeps would cost around Rs 800 a day, excluding petrol expenses. They are generally in good condition and it is always advisable to check your jeep before renting it out.

Auto Rickshaws

Auto rickshaws are available from many auto stands that are located in and around the towns. These are a good option for short distances and the prices are generally negotiable. Travelling up to 25 km in an auto rickshaw is possible. However, travelers should be prepared for many bumps and jolts. Rates differ according to the towns and it is always advisable to check the rates before boarding. Night fares may also be applicable.

Cruises and Catamarans

Catamarans are available in most beaches during the peak season. Catamarans can be used to travel into the sea for short distances. While this is not exactly a transport option, it is a good adventure ride.

Cruises are available at the River Mandovi. There are two cruises everyday around sunset, at 6 pm and 7.15 pm respectively. They cost around Rs 200 per head.


The very mention of beaches, one thinks of the palm fringed seashore with golden sandy stretches, incessant waves, free flowing drinks and mouth-watering delicacies. The beaches of Goa are the main draw, which attract the tourists worldwide to this small state.

With almost 150 km of seashore stretch one is spoiled for choice in Goa. The fun and frolic is never ending and the variety of adventure and thrill that the beaches promise has to be experience to be believed. Beaches such as the Anjuna, Bogmalo, Calangute, Dona Paula, Colva and Vagator are the equivalents of paradise on earth and the carnival atmosphere that prevails on these locations at any time of the day or night is ample proof of the entertainment and comfort that these beaches offer to the tired bodies and souls.

The recent surge of adventure activities has provided a new dimension to these beaches where apart from the soothing ocean winds and relaxing waves various adrenalin pumping activities such as Parasailing, Paragliding, Water surfing, Banana and Ringo rides, Diving, Dolphin and crocodile watching etc have become a compulsory part of the tour itinerary. The beaches are clean and well maintained and the presence of Life Guards at all times is sure to boost the confidence of the wave watchers.

However, a word of caution here, resist the temptation to stretch your swim too long lest the strong undercurrent drags you into the ocean. Even the strong lifeguards never venture that far without proper protective gears.


A heady mix of delicious sea food and cocktails wafts in the air of Goa and the nights turn colorful and exciting with the steady beats of music ranging from the soft 60s to the wild and rocking trance as well as psychedelic rock. With free availability of liquor and party joints, not to mention the vast shoreline, the nightlife in Goa rocks with every passing moment after sunset. The carnival festivities of the beaches slowly shift to some sophisticated, many conjured up discotheques, clubs, pubs where the din grows and reaches a crescendo till the wee hours of the morning.

Generally, the parties are conceived and decided on the beaches by like-minded groups. Thus, a rave party or a psychedelic party venue is generally under the wraps till a close associate discloses the location to all and the party scene shift. Some of these parties go on for hours and some even for days with a regular shift in venue. The parties are an experience not to be missed, if not for the enjoyment then for the novelty.

However, one must guard self from the rowdies and thugs who are on a lookout for vulnerable targets. As a rule, avoid lifts to strange venues from total strangers. Also, avoid drinks and smoke offered by strangers, no matter how innocent and appealing they look and behave. Ingo's Night Bazaar, Anjuna's Market, Tito's, Kamaki, Mambo's, Congo Lounge, and Geoffreys are some good recommendations to indulge & have a nice time.


The lure of a relaxed holiday attracts many tourists to Goa; it is not a big surprise that the same people would be found scanning the Flea markets and Bazaars of Goa in search of hidden treasures and memorabilia.

It is not only the shopaholic but also the regular tourists who cannot resist the charms of the local Goan markets. Anjuna’s Wednesday market, Colva’s Sunday market, Ingo’s Saturday night market, Velha Goa galleria, Government Emporium and scores of different markets are usually flooded with crowds enjoying the festive atmosphere and indulging in some binge shopping on the spur.

The availability of cheap liquor and great seafood apart, the markets are famous for the shear variety, which they cater for. Thus one finds herself surrounded by Tibetan, Nepalese, Chinese, Japanese, European, Kashmiri, Rajasthani, Gujarati, and even Indonesian stuff been sold out at affordable prices and also open to bargain. While there are numerous boutiques and showrooms encasing a variety of art and antique items, one has to admit that the novelty and uniqueness which is provided by the local flea markets and bazaars has to be experienced to be believed. The ides then is to let go the worries of overburdened pockets, pack some empty bags, and jump into one of the market with an aim to wander around in search of something, which would catch the eye and please the pocket, which in fact would be many.

Enjoy the great dishes served on the tables of all food shacks and joints & soak in the revelry.
Shopping for sarongs, little trinkets, jhola bags and funky jewelry is what the city's flea markets and night markets are for.
Shopping on the beach side is not your best option since everything costs you atleast 5 times more.


You can find 570 hotels in Goa under following categories:
There are several options for your stay in the city, but make sure you make your bookings in advance as the sandy beaches attracts tourists round the year specially around christmas and new year.
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How will be the visit Goa at the mid September? Give some views of the visitors.
Posted by Dr N C Dey 2 year, 8 months ago
very good post thanks a lot
Posted by cheap goa holiday packages 2 year, 9 months ago
hi you can visit goa in any season it's wonderful place, beaches are neat and clean only u should think little when you are visiting after 15th june due to hot climate
Posted by dharmendra 2 year, 11 months ago
we have go to goa this june 1st week with family two child (16 year) for 7 days, pl. give the package for goa attractions.
Posted by Rajeev Sharma 2 year, 11 months ago
I want to visit Goa in may,Can you guide me some good economic package vth food and transportation from Baroda
Posted by dipesh 2 year, 11 months ago
Thanks foe sharing the post..
I like goa and spend couple of weeks every year. i planned to go to goa on next month for that i booked Bus Ticket through ticketgoose.
Thank you...
Posted by nithi 2 year, 11 months ago
goa 5 days
Posted by dheeraj bhatnagar 2 year, 11 months ago
One of the best places to visit for adventure lovers..
My all travelling hassels were taken care off by awesome package from exploita.com
Posted by Ajay 3 year ago
i want to plan goa in the month of may please provide middle budget packages
Posted by g sai kishore kumar 3 year ago
i want to plan tour of goa in last dec please guide.
Posted by ravi singh 3 year ago

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