How to Reach Faizabad by Bus, Train, Flight, Air, Timing and Schedule
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How to reach Faizabad

On this page: by Air, by Bus, by Train, by Car

Travel to Faizabad

Lucknow to Faizabad
129 km
Kanpur to Faizabad
216 km
Delhi to Faizabad
601 km
Bhopal to Faizabad
683 km
Kolkata to Faizabad
874 km

Faizabad By Train

Depart (dd/mm/yyyy)
No. of passengers
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Faizabad railway station is a major station connecting to Lucknow, Delhi, Varanasi and Allahabad. Faizabad is well connected by rail and any cities in India can be reached by trains from Faizabad.

Trains to Faizabad (FD)

Starting Station Train Arrival at Faizabad Service Days
Ahmedabad (ADI)
1 more train
Sabarmati Exp
04:05 AM
(duration: 31h 15m)
Wed, Fri & Sun
Sabarmati Exp
04:05 AM
(duration: 31h 15m)
Mon, Tue, Thu & Sat
Ajmer (AII) Garib Nawaj Exp
07:40 AM
(duration: 20h 35m)
Mon, Tue & Thu
Amritsar (ASR)
1 more train
Jalianwala B Ex
04:55 AM
(duration: 16h 20m)
Wed & Fri
Saryuyamuna Exp
08:35 AM
(duration: 20h 40m)
Mon, Wed & Sat
Azamgarh (AMH)
5 more trains
Kaifiyat Exp
07:53 PM
(duration: 3h 23m)
All Days
Bareilly (BE)
9 more trains
Be Bsb Express
01:45 AM
(duration: 10h 15m)
All Days
Chhapra (CPR)
7 more trains
Chapra Cpa Exp
02:55 AM
(duration: 7h 50m)
All Days
Darbhanga Jn (DBG)
1 more train
Sabarmati Exp
06:30 PM
(duration: 13h 55m)
Mon, Wed & Sat
Dehradun (DDN)
9 more trains
Doon Express
11:05 AM
(duration: 14h 40m)
All Days
Delhi (DLI)
4 more trains
Kaifiyat Exp
05:35 AM
(duration: 10h 15m)
All Days
Sadbhavna Exp
06:15 AM
(duration: 13h 55m)
Dhanbad (DHN)
2 more trains
Gangasutlej Exp
10:50 AM
(duration: 13h 30m)
All Days
Dibrugarh (DBRG) Dbrg Asr Expres
02:15 AM
(duration: 43h 15m)
Durg (DURG) Durg Ntv Exp
03:25 PM
(duration: 19h 45m)
Ferozpur (FZR) Gangasatluj Exp
02:50 PM
(duration: 20h 25m)
All Days
Gorakhpur (GKP)
2 more trains
Gkp Ypr Exp
12:15 PM
(duration: 3h 30m)
Guwahati (GHY)
1 more train
Dwarka Express
01:30 PM
(duration: 26h 45m)
Howrah (HWH) Doon Express
02:44 PM
(duration: 18h 9m)
All Days
Indore (INDB) Indb Rjpb Exp
07:40 AM
(duration: 17h 50m)
Jaipur (JP)
2 more trains
Kavi Guru Exp
04:40 PM
(duration: 17h 10m)
Jammu (JAT) Sealdah Express
09:17 PM
(duration: 26h 22m)
All Days
Jaynagar (JYG) Saryu Yamuna Ex
10:15 PM
(duration: 15h 45m)
Tue, Fri & Sun
Jodhpur (JU) Marudhar Expres
06:15 AM
(duration: 20h 30m)
Mon, Thu & Sat
Kamakhya (KYQ)
1 more train
Kyq Jp Kaviguru
11:56 PM
(duration: 28h 41m)
Kanpur Anwrganj (CPA)
1 more train
Cpa Chapra Exp
10:13 PM
(duration: 5h 48m)
All Days
Kishanganj (KNE)
2 more trains
Garib Nawaj Exp
01:35 AM
(duration: 19h 55m)
Tue, Fri & Sun
Kota (KOTA)
1 more train
Mtj Pnbe Expres
08:35 AM
(duration: 17h 10m)
Thu, Fri & Sun
Kotdwara (KTW) Doon Exxpress
11:05 AM
(duration: 13h 5m)
All Days
Lokmanyatilak T (LTT) Saket Express
09:25 AM
(duration: 28h 5m)
Wed & Sat
Ltt Fd Sup Exp
05:50 PM
(duration: 27h 20m)
Malda (MLDT) Farakka Express
04:00 PM
(duration: 20h 50m)
Tue, Wed, Fri & Sun
Muzaffarpur (MFP)
3 more trains
Sadbhavna Exp
04:00 PM
(duration: 11h 45m)
Nautanwa (NTV) Gkp Durg Exp
03:20 PM
(duration: 7h 20m)
Okha (OKHA) Guwahati Expres
12:07 AM
(duration: 36h 42m)
Patna (PNBE)
3 more trains
Pnbe Mtj Expres
08:17 PM
(duration: 8h 27m)
Tue, Sat & Sun
Radhikapur (RDP) Rdp Dli Lnk Exp
01:35 AM
(duration: 19h 20m)
Rjndr Ngr Bihar (RJPB)
1 more train
Rjpb Indb Expre
06:55 PM
(duration: 7h 45m)
Tatanagar Jn (TATA) Jalianwala B Ex
11:40 AM
(duration: 14h 25m)
Mon & Wed
Varanasi (BSB)
11 more trains
Bsb Be Express
03:17 AM
(duration: 3h 32m)
All Days
Sabarmati Exp
06:30 PM
(duration: 4h 35m)
Tue, Thu, Fri & Sun
Yesvantpur Jn (YPR) Ypr Gkp Exp
12:45 AM
(duration: 49h 5m)

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Faizabad By Air

One way Return
Depart (dd/mm/yyyy)
Nearest airport is Lucknow airport, which is about 130 km from Faizabad. It takes about Rs 2000 to cover this distance in a taxi. Lucknow is air connected with Delhi. Delhi is the major international airport nearby, which is connected many cities abroad.

Faizabad By Bus

Depart (dd/mm/yyyy)
No of Seats
State road transport buses provide public bus facilities at a cheaper rate. Major cities like Varanasi (200 km), Allahabad (160 km) and Lucknow (130 km) are connected to Faizabad by private luxury buses, which charges about Rs 3 per kilometer distance.

Faizabad Driving Directions

Driving Directions from Ayodhyato Faizabad
Driving Directions from Katrato Faizabad
Driving Directions from Sultanpurto Faizabad
Driving Directions from Bastito Faizabad
Driving Directions from Barabankito Faizabad
Driving Directions from Sravastito Faizabad
Driving Directions from Rae Barelito Faizabad

Faizabad Map


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