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, Delhi

(Delhi is also known as New Delhi; also spelled as Dehli / Dilli)
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Fast Facts
State: Delhi
District: Delhi
Famous for/as: Historical, City
Languages: Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi
Best Season: Feb - Apr, Aug - Nov
Weather: Summer 25 to 47°C, Winter 1 to 25°C
Altitude: 239 m
Pincode: 110xxx
STD code: 011
Indraprastha, the renowned capital of the legendary Pandavas, boast of an overwhelming history and rich cultural heritage. Nestled in the lap of majestic Yamuna, Delhi presents the soul of India in its true self. This cosmopolitan city replicates the true essence of India and houses people from all part of the country. Its highly vivid populace represents the diverse culture of the subcontinent that has gained the accolade as the capital city of a unique nation.

Delhi portrays the new face of contemporary Indian society, where the glorious past is intertwined to the fabrics of modernism. Delhi is a depository of varied cultural rudiments that has been engrossed into the every day life of the city. Among the archaeological ramparts of ancient and medieval India, this seven times destroyed city proudly stands as a living monument of the bygone glory.

Elegantly designed buildings, which reveals the architectural brilliance of the British architect, Edwin Lutyens attributes the magnificence of this cosmopolitan city to a great extent. Among the marvels of architectural excellence the Rashtrapathi Bhavan in the Raisina Hills and its accompanying Mugal Garden stands first among the others. When we speak about Delhi, we cannot avoid writing about JNU. One among the prestigious institutions in India, this university campus has given birth to so many illustrious Indians. When in delhi, tourists can also include Kashmir tour packages.

Being the capital city, almost all the industrial icons have their outlets here. There flamboyant office set up and highly qualified executive cadre shows the developing façade of this historic city. Delhi presents the sophisticated facilities of communications and travel. Its spacious roads are akin to traffic jams and the city is better known for its good public transport system.

Today’s Delhi is a perfect blend of tradition, culture, power and politics. One would not get a nice place than this to have a clear picture of Indian society by booking exclusive Delhi holiday packages or Manali packages from Delhi
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The city has a great history of centuries that encompass the bravery and valor of the legendary Pandavas and the might and wisdom of the Mauryans kings. A briefing of Delhi’s history would remain incomplete if there is no rendering about the great rule of Prithviraj Chauhan. As the last ruler of Hindu empire, this man helped a lot to mould Delhi in to a vibrant and sprawling city. After him, his kingdom was the strong hold of various dynasties like the Slaves and the Tughlaques.

Later the Mughals coloured it with their great love and affection for art and literature. After the first war of Indian Independence, this historic city began to play a major role in the hands of the enduring British people. It was in 1911, Delhi had been officially recognized as the capital city of British India. This sprawling city has witnessed the rise and fall of so many strong holds of power. Starting from the days of the epic period to the 21st century, Delhi played a significant role in the entire history of the nation.

Neatly compartmentalised into two, the Old Delhi and the New Delhi, this city exhibits unique features. Bestowed with a splendorous history, Old Delhi portrays its Mughal era with its all glory. The tapered lanes of Chandni Chowk, the Jama Masjid, Red Fort reveals the patronage and compassion of the Mughal rulers towards art and architecture.
According to Hindu texts the city was referred to in Sanskrit as Hastinapur, which means ʺelephant-city".


Cultural life in Delhi is clothed with colourful festivals and ceremonies. Since the city is a cross section of the Indian society, Delhiites celebrates all most all festivals with much enthusiasm. Delhi Festivals symbolize the ethnicity and custom of the entire nation. The significant Festivals in Delhi are Dussera, Diwali, Maha Shivaratri, Baisakhi, Lohri, Holi, and Christmas.

Diwali and Dussera gains slight prominence among the other festivals. Dussera commemorates the victory of Ram over Ravana. It marks the triumph of virtue against vice. Renowned as the festival of lamps, Diwali is an occasion when the entire city would be glittered with the brightening light of diyas and candles. Although India holds a meager population of Christians, Christmas in Delhi is a spectacular event.

As the capital city of a great nation, Delhi boast of so many important fiestas and ceremonies. Among the various celebrations, Independence Day and Republic Day mark a remarkable significance. During the Republic Day parade, vivid picture of a vibrant democracy can be witnessed in the colourful plots of different states. Most amazing and appealing attraction of the Republic Day parade might be the exhibition of gallantry and valor of the armed forces of India.

Affluent in terms of enriching cultural institutions, famous art galleries and museums, Delhi glistens and glees with various events all through the year. This city has been regarded as the seat of flourishing culture over centuries. A thriving center for upcoming artists, this city proffers enormous opportunities to fortune seekers in cultural fields. Music festivals, art exhibitions, dance recitals, cinema and theater city life is full of enthralling art performances which offers a perfect podium for not only the artists but also the onlookers. An effervescent and inspired center of all art forms, Delhi presents a glittering façade of contemporary art life of India.
A culturally rich city the capital is an amalgamation of different cultures and traditions and this can be seen in several art, theatre and music and fashion shows which take place round the year.

Travel within city

Travelling around Delhi can be an exciting experience, and the city offers a lot of options of inner city travel to tourists. Tourists can either travel through public transport buses, or they can opt for auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, cabs and taxis. Delhi also has a major Metro line that covers a lot of areas within the city, and this can be a very good mode of travel for tourists, provided they know their way around the city.


The New Delhi Metro and Rail network has three major lines running between points in the city. These three lines are the Red Line, the Yellow Line and the Blue Line. The Red Line in Delhi Metro runs from Dilshad Garden to Rithala through Kashmere Gate, the Blue Line in Delhi Metro runs from Noida to Dwarka through Connaught Place and the Yellow Line in Delhi Metro runs from Jahangirpuri to Central Secretariat through Kashmere Gate and Connaught Place. These three lines in Delhi Metro cover major parts of the entire city. Travelling through the Delhi Metro is very cost effective and prices range from Rs 8 to 30, depending on the distance travelled. Tokens should be bought in the station right before traveling through the Metro, and buying tokens in advance is not possible. In order to avoid the queues in the station, one can buy Smart Cards which will cost around Rs 100.


Another mode of travel in Delhi that is very extensive is bus travel. Delhi is extremely well connected by buses, and you can catch a bus in Delhi to any destination within the city. There are normal government run DTC buses (Delhi Transport Corporation) and Blue Line buses that are privately operated. Buses are frequent in Delhi, and reaching interior places in the city can be made easier through bus travel, though all buses are normally crowded. Bus fares may range anywhere from Rs 5 to 15, and regular buses are available from every stop. You can catch regular buses in a gap of ten or fifteen minutes, so buses in Delhi can be en extremely convenient mode of travel.


Taxis are available for travel within the city of Delhi, and you can opt for taxis in order to go sightseeing around the city. Such a trip will cost you around 950 INR for a day, in an air conditioned cab. Travelling through taxis can be quite heavy on the pocket, as charges may range anywhere from 200 INR to 600 INR, depending on the distance covered. Normal taxi rates are 6 INR for the starting kilometer and 7 INR per additional kilometer. Taxis do not run on meter, though and it is advisable to decide on a rate in advance.
Easy Cab- Ph: 43434343
Quick Cab- Ph: 44333222

Auto Rickshaw

Tourists can also opt for auto rickshaws for travelling within the city of Delhi, as these can be a cheaper option when compared to taxis. Fares may range around Rs 10 for the first kilometer and Rs 4.50 for every additional kilometer after that. Few auto rickshaws in Delhi run on meter, so it is better to know the fares beforehand.

The best mode of travel during night time is the auto rickshaw and the Delhi Metro, provided tourists know where they are headed. There are no separate nigh fares in Delhi. Buses and prepaid taxis will be available from the airport and the railway station, with fares in prepaid taxis based solely on the specified rate chart.

Local Train

Travelling through trains in Delhi is not possible, as stations are few and incontinently positioned. For this reason, trains within Delhi can be avoided at best.

Cycle rickshaw

These are best suited for short distance ride withing the city and charge around Rs 10 for a km.
While in the capital city the best way to get around is by Metro and your next best option is by auto rickshaws.


A land of multiple cuisines with a variety of delicious food, Delhi stands at the top of the menu cards of the visitors. From the roadside dhabas to star hotels, this metropolitan city proffers mouthwatering and aromatic varieties of foodstuffs. Delhiites are considered as very fond of eating. So each festival and celebration is marked with an array of good food. This is probably one of the reason for considering Delhi as the restaurant capital of India.

It would be amazing to find that this city encompasses all types of restaurants serving both traditional and continental food varieties. All most all the star hotels in the capital provide Mughalai and Tandoori dishes as their special items. Exquisite varieties of Mughlai are the specialty of the restaurants in Karol Bagh, Pandara Road Market and Connaught Place.

Vegetarians also have their own places in the homes of the Delhiites. Exceptional would be the apt word as one can say about these traditional recipies. None of the restaurants or hotels can offer such tasty foods that have been prepared by the old gharanas. Among the favourite dish, Cholle Bhature outshines all other Punjabi varieties. Chandni Chowk is the area where one can find an array of restaurants that serves traditional foodstuffs. In this era of fast foods, Chandni Chowk stands as an alluring exception, which steadfastly follows the traditional cuisine of India. Do not forget to visit Ghantewala, the oldest sweet shop in the capital city. At the Ghantewala Halwai, namkeens, sohanhalwa and barfis are really fantastic.

Any mention of food in Delhi can't be complete without street food which offers all kinds of chats, sweets, and snacks in a considerably low price. A host of outstanding confectioneries, cakes, pies and minces of some of the restaurants like Wenger’s in Connaught Place are renowned for their peculiar taste. Sweet lovers can try their luck in the Bengali hotels like Annapoorna where multiple varieties of dishes are available. Do not forget to have a try a paan after your delicious meal.

Eating and dining out has become a way of life to the Delhiites. Each restaurant in the city has their own peculiar foodstuffs with rich, aromatic and delicious fragrance that grabs people tremendously.
If you happen to be in the capital on a Sunday, do not miss the Chole Bature at the many local eat outs found in all areas of the city, be sure to get there early as it gets packed.


Recent years have shown a drastic development in the nightlife of Delhi. Confusing to state whether it’s a positive change or not, this has become a way of life to the Delhiites. Bars and hotels that provide hot music and discotheques are gaining momentum rapidly. People are seeking solace from their busy day life in these most modern recreational activities.

Nightlife in Delhi is definite to allure every visitor with its stunning attractions like live music shows, dance floors and high class bars. Most popular clubs that provide these amenities are Djinns, Ghungroo, Pepper's, Fireball and Annabelles. Majority of the pubs and nightclubs of Delhi are placed in, Basant Lok South Delhi and Defence Colony areas.

Apart from these bars and pubs, Delhi’s star hotels also provide best facilities to enjoy the gripping nightlife. Those who prefer to be in a tranquil ambience, restaurants in the near vicinity of the India gate would be the idyllic location. With a wide range of entertaining facilities, the bars and the pubs of New Delhi poses to be the just right place to fly one’s striking moods.
The nightlife in the city is supposed to be one of the best in the country, choose from the happening Page3 parties, to after event parties or hit one of the lounge bars and kick back, this city has it all.


Delhi seems to be a delightful place for the shopping buffs. An extensive range of objects is in offer in the various markets scattered in and around the city. Chandni Chowk, Karol Bagh, Connaught Place and Baba Kharak Singh Marg are the most acquainted places of shoppers where the emporiums sells lovely handicraft items of almost all the states. Widest choices of artifacts and affordable prices are the main advantage of shopping in Delhi. Among the objects silver ware, leather goods, handicrafts, carpets, precious stones, jewelry, hand printed cotton and silks are the hot favourites of the visitors.

Delhi is not just a mishmash of arts and crafts from other parts of India. It holds it’s own gamut of customs. Delhi is the exquisite center of Kundan and Meenakari Jewellery, which shows complicate patterns and glittering outlook. These artforms has been a flourishing trade since from the days of the Mughal emperors. Dariba Kalan in Chandini Chowk area would fetch you with the splendid collection of latest and traditional jewelry forms.

Apart from the ordinary artifacts, the city has an amazing collection of ornamental saris, which are the hottest bridal wares now a days. Other fascinating attractions are musical instruments, miniature paintings, wood and ivory carvings, decorated pottery items and so on. There would be an endless list, so the better option is to stroll around the market places and make you familiar with the artifacts on display.
Connaught Place, Janpath, Palika Bazaar, Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar are some of the best places for shopping, while bargaining is the key.


You can find 712 hotels in Delhi under following categories:
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