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Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi

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Sanchi is home to the most famous and oldest Buddhist Stupa in the world. Now, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. Dotted around the Sanchi stupa are monasteries, temples and pillars, which are fine examples of classical art.

The great King Ashoka realized wars don’t pay; he embraced Buddhism and was influential in its spread from South Asia. Ashoka built a large number of Stupas, such as the Great Stupa at Sanchi. Stupas are dome-shaped monuments built on the Buddha’s relics (remains, like hair and teeth that are held sacred).

The carvings on these stupas illustrate the events of Buddha’s life. The supremacy of Buddhist artwork in the form monasteries, chaitya and stupas makes Sanchi a pilgrimage centre of Buddhists. Ironically, Buddha had never visited this place in his lifetime.

The diameter of the Sanchi Stupa is 108 ft. and it was built in ancient times. It is the largest stupa in India and the oldest existing Buddhist memorial.

During Ashoka’s reign, numerous monolithic pillars were produced. The Ashoka pillar at Sanchi was carved out of a single piece of rock. These have decorative tops, called capitals, bearing beautifully carved animal figures.

The lion capital and the wheel found on the Ashokan pillars are of special significance to Indians. The lion capital is printed on the Indian Currency and Indian documents. The wheel also appears on the Indian national flag.

Visit Sanchi to delve into the real realm of Buddhism and experience the ambience of Sanchi along with its succoring beauty which remains unrivaled.

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