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Bijapur Weather
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Bijapur Weather

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Best Season:

Oct - Mar

Summer 22 to 43°C, Winter 15 to 35°C

Best Season / Best time to visit Bijapur

Bijapur always has a moderate climate except for summer months. Best season to visit Bijapur is from October to March.
  • Winters (December to February) have the temperatures range between 20 °C and 35 °C. This season is very pleasant and ideal for Bijapur tourism.
  • Summers (March to May) have a maximum temperature of about 43 °C and travelers usually avoid travels in April and may.
  • Monsoons (June to September) offer Bijapur mild to moderated showers with an estimated annual average rainfall. Bijapur looks beautiful with fresh foliage in and around.
October to March is good for sightseeing in and around Bijapur. June to September is good for short trips, keep a watch on rainy days. April and May are hot and most tourists generally avoid travels in hot days.

Month-wise Bijapur Weather

Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
April is not the best month to visit Bijapur.
Weather: Very Hot
Peak summer month with soaring temperatures. The climate is very hot and temperature rises beyond comfort level. Tourist visits are generally avoided due to hot weather. If travelling in summer time is in your calendar then light cotton clothes and sun protective items are on priority.
Month Climate Details
The historical city of Bijapur offers pleasant weather in Jan. It is one of the best months for touring the city. The weather is mild and comfortable making it favorable for exploring the ancient monuments in and around the city.
Delightful climate with plenty of sunshine. The weather is pleasant that makes it ideal to go out and enjoy the historical sites of Bijapur. Tourist visits are very enjoyable during this period.
Very Hot
Temperature starts to soar with the coming of March. It is the beginning month of summer season. The climate becomes quite hot with lots of sunshine. Sightseeing and outings are still possible but make sure you carry sun protective items.
Very Hot
Peak summer month with soaring temperatures. The climate is very hot and temperature rises beyond comfort level. Tourist visits are generally avoided due to hot weather. If travelling in summer time is in your calendar then light cotton clothes and sun protective items are on priority.
Very Hot
The climate remains very hot and dry in May. Temperature remains high making it uncomfortable for outdoor activities. Light cotton clothes and sun protective gear are preferable for summer tour.
June marks the beginning of monsoon season bringing in some moderate showers to the city. Temperature reduces to some extent while the level of humidity rises. The place looks calm and beautiful in rain. Rain lovers can enjoy their visits during monsoons.
The place receives moderate rainfall during this period. Due to rain, the temperature falls down but the humidity level remains quite high. The place looks attractive in rain and the green foliage during monsoon time is a treat to the eyes.
Monsoon continues offering mild rainfalls to the city. Temperature remains quite comfortable while humidity level takes an upswing. Monsoon time is ideal for enjoying the serene and lush greenery of the place.
The place experiences mild showers in this month. Climate remains comfortable. During monsoon, the place attracts many rain lovers. Bijapur becomes scenic and filled with lush green foliage creating a nice ambience.
The weather is generally pleasant and mild during this month. It is an ideal month for taking up tour package for Bijapur. The climate is favorable for outdoor visits and exploring the historical monuments of the place.
November features pleasant and favorable climate that makes it enjoyable for tourist visits. It is an excellent time for sightseeing and indulging in various outdoor activities. Explore the historical splendor of Bijapur.
The pleasant climate during this month invites in many tourists to the city. It is the best time to visit and stroll around exploring the historical sites of the place. Sightseeing and outdoor trips can be best enjoyed in this time.

Events & Festivals in Bijapur

Festival seasons are very attractive in Bijapur, whole city brightens up and there is lot of enthusiasm is visible in the public.
  • In January, Siddeshwara Temple Car Festival is very attractive.
  • February-March is attractive with Holi celebrations.
  • September attracts the travelers with the Asar Mahal Urs festival.
  • October-November is marvelous with the pomp and show of Deepavali.

Weather Graph for Bijapur

Bijapur monthly temperature and rainfall averages
Note: These are average maximum and average minimum temperature for Bijapur . The highest temperature in Bijapur for the month is usually higher than the average maximum temperature. Similarly, the lowest temperature in Bijapur for the month is usually lower than the average minimum temperature.
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I love bijapur. because i love jawar rooti & historical monuments
Posted by Ali 3 year, 8 months ago
Bijapur is Awesome!!!
Posted by sanju 3 year, 10 months ago
I love bijapur. It is best place to enjoy with lots of historical places. And very good food.
Posted by Goutam k 7 year, 7 days ago
Please can you tell us where you get good food (veg as well as non-veg) in Bijapur ?
Posted by Vikas 4 year, 10 months ago
I would like to go to Bijapur, Hampi & Badami in next 2 Month. Planning for the trip. Hope it will be a fine trip. This site is very helpful for me. I will Drive for this trip.
Posted by Nilu 6 year, 11 months ago
bijapur all directions
Posted by hussain 6 year, 6 months ago
we have to very develped bijapur and one probelm will slowe the bijapur water
Posted by naseer 6 year, 8 months ago

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