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, Karnataka

(Bangalore is also known as Bengalooru / Bengaluru; also spelled as Banglore)
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Fast Facts
State: Karnataka
District: Bangalore Urban
Famous for/as: City
Languages: Kannada, English, Hindi
Best Season: Sept - Feb
Weather: Summer 20 to 36°C, Winter 10 to 30°C
Altitude: 920 m
Pincode: 560xxx
STD code: 080
The name Bangalore encompasses so many sobriquets like Garden City, Silicon Valley of India, Pub City and so on. One of the prettiest cities in India, known for its salubrious climate all year round, Bangalore is bestowed with tall tree lined streets & several parks adding to its greenery, hence it’s rightly called 'Garden City'.

The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is a melting pot of multi-linguistic cultures whose life is centered on the posh techno city offices. Bengaluru, as the city is officially called, is the final word in the IT field, as the city is the hub of multinational companies making the city their base. Book Bangalore holiday packages in South India for a great holiday

Home to various public sector undertakings, software companies, heavy industries, telecommunications, aerospace, heavy equipment, machine tools, and defense organizations, Bangalore has developed into one of India's foremost fiscal centers and is referred to by CNN as one of the "finest places to do business in the hyper world".

Since Independence, Bangalore has shown an impressive growth in its educational institutions to commercial businesses making it the most sorts after city to relocate to. The city has also gained the acclamation of being the second literate metros in India.

With its gorgeous parks, boulevards, cinema complexes, bustling shopping bazaars & historical monuments, Bangalore is indubitably sparkling with life and vigor. Though a contemporary, busy city and a vital business center, Bangalore remains one of India's most appealing cities. One can get a sense of authentic traditions & celebrations along with the scurry of urban life.

Situated at an altitude of 920 meters, its cool evening breeze, well laid out parks and gardens, tree flanked avenues, magnificent buildings and bustling bazaars, its one city which lures the traveler with so much in its kitty!
To visit and experience Bangalore hassle-free, view tour packages in bangalore.




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Bangalore has got a legendary past that narrates the tale behind the beautiful name. Its history dates back to the early years of the 12th century. While on a hunting trip, Veera Ballalla, the then king of the Deccan plateau, had lost his way in the deep forest. An old lady whom he had met in the deep woods benevolently treated him with baked beans. As a token of gratitude, the king constructed a town with the help of Kempe Gowda and named it as Benda Kalooru, the meaning of which is Baked beans.

Some historians propose that the name originates from the Benga or "Ven-kai" tree and lots of other stories are popular among the people. The name Bengaluru finds a mention in the Ganga inscription of 9th century. The founder of modern Bangalore - Kempe Gowda-I had constructed a mud wall around the city in the year 1537. He called his new township as Gandu Bhoomi, which means the "Land of Heroes".

After the decline of the Vijayanagara Empire, Bangalore was ruled over by so many dynasties. In 1759, Haider Ali ascended to the throne of Mysore and Bangalore gained prominence under the rule of his son Tipu Sultan. It was then under the glorious rule of the illustrious Tipu, till his defeat in the year 1799, in the fourth Anglo Mysore war. Then like all other Indian cities of that time, the English took possession of Bangalore. In the same year they shifted the residency of Mysore State to Bangalore and later in 1831, Bangalore had been officially declared as the capital of the then Mysore State. It continued to be the same till the rise of a new state by the name Karnataka.

Bangalore experienced speedy development during the periods 1941-51 and 1971-81, by the influx of scores of immigrants from other parts of the state. Subsequent decades had shown a sustained development with the arrival of private companies and multinational companies. Towards the end of the 20th century, Bangalore became the focal point of India’s IT revolution.


Cultural life in Bangalore is intertwined with the diversity of its populace. Almost all nook and corners of India have their representative in this Silicon Valley and so almost all festivals are being celebrated with equal vigor and enthusiasm. However, Bangalore has its own traditional festivals like Dussehra, Deepavali, Ganesh Chaturthi and Ugadi.

Dussehra is the national festival of Karnataka, which symbolizes the triumph of truth. A conventional commemorative characteristic of the erstwhile Mysore Kingdom, this festival has got great significance on the Kannadiga population in Bangalore. Other festivals like Sankranthi, Eid-ul-Fitr and Christmas are also celebrated with great fervor.

Bangalore is the hub of the Kannada film industry where more than fifty films are releasing every year. Apart from the Sandalwood (the nickname of Kannada film industry), this city houses numerous concerts and classical performances of veteran artists. Parallel cinema and theatre are very much alive in the cultural circle of the city.

Since a large section of the city’s populace are the software professionals working for multinational companies, the city witnesses the influence of western culture. Most of the crowds are in their mid twenties with pubs, discotheques and partying a vital part of their weekends. This has paved way for a new culture and that is why the city is regarded as a fast developing metropolis.
The ʺBengalooru Habbaʺ or the Bangalore festival held in December every year,organizes a series of cultural shows across the city.

Travel within city

The city of Bangalore provides a tourist with various means of transport from cab services to buses and auto rickshaws.

Airport to City Center

The best way to reach the city from the international airport is to opt for the Volvo bus services. These buses ply from the airport to all parts of the city. The buses cover all the major areas of the city and are an excellent choice. The fare would be around 175 INR. The bus drivers and conductors of these buses are extremely courteous and this makes for an enjoyable experience. These buses are spacious and stowing away your luggage will be no problem at all.


The other option to reach the city from the airport would be to take a cab. Cab agencies in Bangalore are a dime-a-dozen. The minimum fare is around 400 INR and there on it is around 7 to 12 INR per kilometer. Alternatively, you can have your hotel send a cab to pick you up. The popular cab services in Bangalore are Meru cabs Ph: 080-44224422, Easycabs Ph: 080-43434343.


The local bus services in and around Bangalore are excellent. There is excellent connectivity across all locations in the city. The fares range from 9 INR to 25 INR depending on the distance. The local bus service in Bangalore is known as BMTC. The BMTC has been on an image enhancing drive. As a result there are better bus services available in Bangalore. There are different types of buses from regular open door buses to air conditioned Volvo buses. The regular BMTC buses maybe crowded during peak hours, but the Volvo and Vajra buses provide comfortable travel at slightly higher rates.

Auto Rickshaw

The next alternative mode of transport in Bangalore is auto rickshaws. The minimum fare is Rs 17. There has been a recent revision of fares. The easiest way to avoid being “taken for a ride” by any rickshaw driver is to take a rickshaw from a pre-paid auto stand. The fares are regularized at these pre-paid centers and you end up paying the normal fare. But as these pre-paid stands are few in the city, insist on running by the meter & do not pay what they demand, as most often it is double the actual fare.

If you are planning on travelling during the night, the only two options available at hand are auto rickshaws or pre-paid taxis. Auto rickshaws are available late at night for one-and-a-half time’s the original fare. You would do well to have foresight and book a pre-paid taxi before a night out.


Since time immemorial, Bangalore has received populace from all parts of India, naturally the food habits of the people show the influence of all cuisines. Like every other state, Karnataka has its own special dishes and culinary basics. Desserts form an incredible part of traditional Kannada feast. Some of the trendy saccharine dishes of Karnataka are Mysore Pak, Dharwad Peda, Chiroti, Obbattu Gokak, Kardantu and Shavige Payasa.

Bangalore provides you with an array of standard hotels and restaurants where you would get South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese or the Continental varieties. A perfect location for food lovers, Bangalore provides a galore of alternatives to the visitors. From the posh star hotels to the roadside restaurants, travelers are offered with a wide variety to suit every palate & pocket. From the crispy dosas along with spicy sambhar in the local food joints to the comfort of air-conditioned luxurious hotels, the city offers something for every visitor.

If you prefer some exquisite Bangalore dishes, then Rice Bowl in Bangalore would be the apt choice. Don’t hesitate to sip the hot tea served in the earthen pots and the aromatic coffee in the stainless steel tumblers since they are simply superb. Make the trip as joyous as possible by tasting the varied local delicacies of Bangalore both traditional and exotic.
Enjoy an authentic South Indian meal at MTR, remember to get there early as the place gets packed.


Famed as the Pub Capital of India, Bangalore boast of classic pubs, bars and discotheques.This effervescent city of swanky professionals takes every opportunities to enliven their nighttime. Bangalore has an energetic and vivacious multi-ethnic nightlife. Partying here is not limited only to the weekends, party buffs start off bang in the middle of the week on Wednesdays.

These hot spots are filled with the young genre of Bangalore that encompass youths from the length and breadth of the country. Apart from DJ's churning out rock music and perky dancing numbers nightclubs also offer energetic performances by several young & renowned artists.

Dancing to the tune of the foot tapping music with a glass of your favourite drink would surely be a thrilling experience. One of the alluring features of the late night extravaganza of Bangalore is the active participation of an energetic crowd. Amid all the excitement of going out & partying one must remember that pubs in the city close by 11pm. Unlike other big metros the law is strict here & has been so inspite of pub owners & party goers request for extension in the deadline.

Nightlife in Bangalore is not just the pubs and the bars. One would also get the chances to witness enthralling performances of great classical dancers and Muscians. If you want to be in the midst of such wonderful programmers, Chowdaiah Memorial Hal would be a great choice.
Nightlife in the city comes to a grinding halt at 11.30pm, so plan your evening indulgence accordingly!


Banglore offers a delightful shopping experience to all with its wide variety of shopping delights. There are so many places that provide exquisite items of one’s choice. Both traditional and modern artifacts are easily available in this metro. Handicrafts, which boast of the ethnicity of the city are a hot favourite among visitors. For sandalwood products the Kaveri Emporium on the edge of the bustling Brigade road is your best bet. Silk saris are another popular buy in the region famed for its silk weaving, from the traditional banarasi silk, to the native Mysore silk saree, traditional kantha embroidery; there is something available to match everyone's choice.

This metro offers an array of stunning malls, shopping arcades and plazas that make your shopping a pleasant experience. There is nothing that you won’t get from these most modern centers of shopping. Commercial Street, Brigade Road, Jayanagar Shopping Complex, Kormangala, Jayachamarajendra Road and Russel Market are the main shopping centers.

Shopping with some entertainment is the main attraction of Brigade Road. You will get almost everything at a single stretch and hence perfect for those who do not have much time to spare. Since Bangalore is a trendy city, one would come across numerous fashion boutiques in an around the city. You can try these centers if your wallet allows you such a luxury.

From the branded shops of world class designer ware found at the upscale UB City, to the aesthetic handmade articles to junk ornaments & little trinkets found at commercial street, the shopper can choose what fits his pocket the best.
Beware of street hawkers in places like Brigade Road, MG Road and Majestic (selling sun-glasses and watches) as they are mostly duplicates and of cheap quality.
For authentic weaves visit Nalli and Deepam, for deisgner wear Vittal Malaya Road and commercial street is a good option and for street shopping


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There is a handbook in kannada with photos and historical,legendary,mythical and guide map "RAMANAGARA JILLEYA PRAVASI THANAGALU"(Toutist places in ramanagara district)available in sapna book house, bangalore.
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There are lot of places to see in and around Bangalore........
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