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, Uttar Pradesh

(Ayodhya is also spelled as Ayodya)
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Fast Facts
State: Uttar Pradesh
District: Faizabad
Famous for/as: Pilgrim
Languages: Hindi, English, Urdu
Best Season: Oct - Mar
Weather: Summer 18 to 35°C, Winter 5 to 25°C
Altitude: 93 m
Pincode: 224123
STD code: 05278
One of the landmark cities of the 6th century BC, Ayodhya on the banks of the holy river Sarayu resounds with the memories of a legendary hero. A city that has been benevolently blessed with so many saintly personalities Ayodhya reverberates a historic past with a religious fervor. A city that owns a rich history of centuries is mostly famed as the birthplace of Rama, the symbol of Indian man hood and even today it continues to hog the limelight for the same reason.

History of this temple city is the story of the illustrious rulers of Suryavamshis whose victorious and legendary tales gave birth to the great epic, Ramayana. Saketa as Ayodhya known in the ancient times unfurls the spectacular moments in the great epic Ramayana.

One among the 16 Janapadas of the 6th century, Ayodhya was the capital of a vast stretch of Land, which spread over from the Kabul Valley to the banks of Godavari. During those days it was the final word in the kingly affairs and later this land of the Kosala Kings was devastated by the mighty Magadhans. The city has gained reputation as a great centre of learning and enlightenment under the glorious rule of the Mauryans and Guptas.

As the cradle of different religions, Ayodhya found its mention in the various religious texts. A miscellany of ancient structures that reveals the legendary tales of Hinduism, Budhism, Jainism and Sikhism can still be seen in Ayodhya. From Vedas to the holy scriptures of the Jains this land has been described as “a city built by Gods and being as prosperous as paradise itself".

Shopping in this legendary place would be a different experience. Obviously one could not expect malls and complexes in such a religious destination, but the small gallies and bazaars in this are swarming with public at all probable times. With its typical artifacts and souvenirs these markets have their own characteristics, which makes your shopping a delightful experience.

Though today’s Ayodhya presents a tiny, bucolic city with ancient ramifications it carries a versatile history and tradition that hold an undeniable influence on the teeming millions of India.
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Ayodhya - A spiritual heaven on earth

  by Akshay Balraj  on Apr 28, 2010
Ayodhya is a must see place for pilgrimage and history buffs. This is an important place for all the religions in India. So get packing!


The history of the ancient city of Ayodhya goes back to the time of the Suryavanshi kings ‘Dashratha’ who was the 63rd monarch in the solar line. The history of Ayodhya talks about the mythological tales of the ‘Ramayana’ wherein Lord Rama was sent on a 14 year exile by his step mother, Kaikayi.

According to the documentations of saint Valmiki, Lord Rama was born here and various other saints like Tulsidas and Kamban also have praised the Lord as well as the city in their memoirs. The city also finds its mention in the ‘Atharvaveda’ where Vrindavan has been described as a prosperous heaven built by the gods themselves.

The city is also an important center for Buddhist pilgrimage during the 5th century BCE. Many centers of learning and monument were built by the king Asoka of the Mauryan dynasty. The Guptas are also known to have ruled here. The city emerged as important trade hub in 600 BCE. Various documents also suggest the city to have been an important pilgrimage place for Jains as well.

Travel within city

The various modes of local transport available in the city of Ayodhya are government buses, taxis, tempos, Tongas and cycle rickshaws. Tourists can opt for any one of these modes of transport and can travel through the city at their leisure.


Government buses in Ayodhya are generally very crowded and are not very well maintained. Buses, though, are the cheapest mode of transport available and ticket prices will range around Rs 3 to 5 for travelling from one point in the city to another. You should be well aware of your destination beforehand in order to successfully commute through buses in Ayodhya.

Auto Rickshaw

Auto rickshaws in Ayodhya do not run on meter, and rates are fixed. You can bargain with an auto driver after consulting about the local fares from any native living in the city. Auto fares will not exceed Rs 50 by any margin and there are no night fares involved. Travelling through an auto rickshaw or taxi is the safest option during the night.


Taxis are not metered in Ayodhya and fares may range anywhere around Rs 40 to 100, in order to travel within the city. Together, taxis and auto rickshaws will be present in the major sections of the city, thus, making the commute easier.


Tongas normally charge lesser amounts of around Rs 5 to 20, depending on the distance covered.
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RADHE KRISHAN YADAV ;hello sir aap ko ayodhya ke bare me koi bhe jankare ke lily hotel booking,car booking ple countact no 09889869828
Posted by deepakkumargpt04 4 year, 20 days ago
In Ayodhya there are many ancient temple and places, among them Hanuman mandir, Kanak Bhawan and Ram Janmbhoomi is unique.
Posted by jaiswal 5 year, 7 months ago
Ram Janmabhoomi Ayodhya, is the Birthplace of Rama. Ayodhya is an ancient city located on the banks of the river Saryu in the Faizabad region in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is famous as the birthplace of Lord Ram, and is also known as “Ran Janm Bhumi”. The divine city Ayodhya holds the heavenly heritage of Lord Rama and his exemplary ruling which is still remembered with respect and devotion. A ...more
Posted by travel destinations 5 year, 7 months ago

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